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In these original tutorials, I present you some amazing desserts around festive and themed courses. Valentine’s, Easter, Seasonal Fruits, American Independence Day, Halloween… Whatever you celebrate, a yummy, fantastic-looking dessert will definitely impress your guests.

This masterclass is dedicated to beginners – no special skills required – and will last about 1 hour.

A short video shows what to expect from the course. Because of time restrictions (baking time, time to set in the freezer) this course will not be a hands-on session. You will get the most out of it by watching attentively, a record of the session will be sent to you upon demand. Questions and comments are very welcome at the end of the session.

Once you register you will receive by email a list of ingredients and tools, and the method of the dessert.

Usual price is £19.99, take advantage of my 25% discount when you pre-book the course.

Extracts of my online tutorials

Forthcoming ZOOM tutorials will be announced soon.

Interested in something specific? I will create a custom course just for you based on your interests, budget and time. Contact me via the "Contact Page"

Vegan Strawberry dessert
Vegan lemon dessert
Vegan chocolate heart dessert

What my students say.....

ZOOM - Live Online Tutorials

This course is meant for foodies – all levels – who want to increase their skills and self-confidence in VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE pastry.

Through 5 classical English recipes, you will learn how to use the main vegan substitutes in pastry: A sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce, a chocolate fondant with mango coulis, a bread and butter pudding with apricots and pecans, a revisited Eton Mess and a mango and passionfruit cheesecake.

You will learn about flavours and textures, how to create a well balanced recipe. Learn about presentation, how to impress your guests with fabulous fine dining decorations. Learn about organization: nobody should spend the whole day in the kitchen while having a party!
At the end of each lecture, I will propose you hands-on exercises to give the dessert your personal touch.

A PDF Guide book with the recipes will be available.

Usual price is £34.99. Benefit from Udemy’s regular promotions, up to 60% discount!

What my students have to say

1-2-1 Online Courses

Danielle portrait Vegan Book

Are you a Pastry Chef interested in some fine dining vegan desserts to add to your menu, or a confirmed Vegan Pastry Chef?

I am offering 1-2-1 Online Courses for those who want to learn how to make delicious, stunning, elegant desserts.

The choice of desserts covers the main fields of pastry : buffets, plated desserts, chocolate work… with a special focus on the Mise En Place.

This course will inspire you to create your own and unique vegan pastry menu you can use for your business.

4 easy steps:

  1. Choose one of the vegan fine dining desserts from my VEGAN PASTRY MENU found below.
  2. Send me an email with your chosen recipe to book a lesson.
  3. I will send you a list of ingredients in advance.
  4. After payment confirmation, I will send you the list of ingredients, tools and method for the recipe. We will work through together via a ZOOM video. The course will be recorded. Please use my contact form found here.

I am convinced this remains the best way to get the maximum out of a course: We work together at your pace, you can ask all the questions you want and the session has no limit of time. You will not only learn about the recipe, but also techniques, suppliers, ingredients, tips, so valuable for your growth as a Vegan Chef.

I am pleased to offer an introductory  20% discount for new students. Purchase any class for £40.00  instead of £50.00 This offer is available to all new students. To book your 1-2-1 introductory course click on the button below.  A secure Stripe payment window will open. You do not require a Stripe account and can pay using any debit or credit card.

Vegan Pastry Menu

English Iconic Desserts, modern twist

Chocolate desserts

The classics

What my students have to say

Vegan cheesecake
Vegan opera cake

Today, I made this delicious cheesecake during a One to One Online course with the lovely Pastry Chef Danielle Maupertuis (@dmaupertuis).

The lesson was awesome and I learned so much! It is not just about making a recipe, but also understanding the rich and delicate process of the pastry.

At the same time, it was fantastic because it is accessible to passionate vegans.

Another great thing is that she helps with alternatives, tips and substitutions. And the big difference is that it is only You and the Chef!

I highly recommend it especially because she is dedicated, a fantastic teacher and her professional experience is admirable. I cannot wait for the  next recipe”.  Lucy P-Z.

“I especially congratulated this student for this wonderful achievement .
It was her first attempt!” Danielle.

1-2-1 Personalised Courses

Interested in something specific? I will create a custom course just for you based on your interests, budget and time.
Looking forward to chatting with you! 

Vegan Italian Sabayon Dessert

“I so enjoyed our 1-2-1 session today. It was exciting and fun Thank you for your patience, and especially for re-creating my favourite dessert recipe so that I will once again be able to enjoy it, this time as a vegan dessert. Thank you again for a perfectly delightful, exciting, educational, fun, and delicious 1-2-1 ZOOM session. I had a wonderful time!

Sandy Baker, 3rd March 2021” 

A vegan and gluten-free version of the iconic Italian SABAYON


Vegan little carrot cakes made by future little Chefs
Vegan - Little Carrot Cakes
Vegan strawberry iced lollipops pastry course for kids
Vegan - Strawberry Iced Lollipops

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