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Executive Pastry Chef

Vegan desserts are easy to make, taste yummy and look fantastic!

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Danielle Maupertuis

About me …
My name is Danielle  MAUPERTUIS,  I am a  Belgian Pastry Chef  ( understand I was baptised in chocolate !)

I have worked for 5* hotels abroad and in the UK.

6 years in Greece as Pastry Chef for a chain of Belgian Pastry shops.
6 years in Lebanon as Executive Pastry Chef for the 5* Beirut Marriott hotel ( with daily electricity cuts, we prepared our 1st wedding banqueting by candlelight !)
5 years in the 5* Marriott Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire.
6 years for luxury Red Carnation hotels in London.

I have won several gold and silver medals in Culinary competitions.

More and more people suffer from a food allergy, follow an ethical philosophy, or are just concerned by healthy food options. The food industry proposes a very poor and disappointing alternative.

As a Pastry Chef, I have been seriously struggling to give our customers a decent choice. Until I decided to create my own range of “free from” desserts focused upon taste and presentation.
Challenge:They should look amazing and taste fantastic !

Inspired by classical recipes from Europe and the UK, they will find a place for every special occasion, birthdays, afternoon teas, plated desserts, petits fours …

I am sure you will enjoy…

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I won Chef of the Month in Vegan Living magazine

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Danielle Maupertuis


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